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Interior & Cockpit

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    Fuzzi Fur, Super Fine Flock, all scales

    A really fine 'fur' flocking for carpets, floor mats, upholstery, etc. Use a diluted white glue (Elmer's), spray adhesive or wet paint, thinly spread over the surface and sprinkle the fur over the area. Can be packed down for a flatter look or left as...

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    Faux Fabrix Textured Spray

    Faux Fabrix Textured Spray

    Faux Fabrix Textured Spray Paint allows you to create a realistic, soft, fabric-like finish. DOMESTIC GROUND SHIPPING ONLY (see note at bottom). Use it for: - upholstered seats - tonneau covers - convertible tops  - trunk area - pickup bed liner...

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  • Steering Wheel 1/16

    Sport Steering Wheel kit. The wheel grip is mastered in 3D and will be sold as either 3D-printed or resin, depending on availability. Three-spoke wheel center is photo etched and replicates Grant Performance #673. The wheel is .82" (13/16") OD. Photo...

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  • Louvers 3D 1/16 - 1/18

    Louvers in 3D by Archer Surface Details. This is what you need for that Salt Lake racer, hot rod or wherever you need to ventilate air. These aren't decals.  They're 3D raised resin louvers that are cast onto Microscale clear decal film. ...

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  • Two 4" strips Example of painted weld beads on a 1/16 Pro Mod by Andy Chew

    Weld Beads 3D 1/16

    Weld beads in 3D by Archer Surface Details in two types of beads - Perfect and Arc. Use them wherever welds would be found, like: headers, intake manifolds/air boxes, frames, roll bars and the list goes on. The perfect-weld beads are machine generated...

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  • Pedal Set for FC, PM or Door Slammer 1/16

    You need a set of these pedels to complete that racing interior and sdd realism and detail to your build.   Contains one each: Accelerator pedal Brake pedal Clutch pedal Pedal foot pads Make sure you click on the photo, to enlarge it, to...

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  • Lenco Shifter Lever Set 1/16

    You need a set of these Lenco shifters for your Pro Mod or other drag car.  Adds realism and detail to your build. Contains set of levers and will work with the TDR or Flash Point Lenco transmissions. Make sure you click on the photo, to enlarge...

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  • Hand Brake Levers for for PM or TF 1/16

    A set of Hand Brake Levers for your Dragster or Funny Car.  Adds realism and detail to your build. Contains two brake levers with additional hand grips. Place a small piece of styrene between the lever grip and added grip for thickness. Photo...

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