New in April

  • 4-Link Suspension Mount Kit 1/25

    4-Link Suspension Mount Kit 1/25

    There are enough parts included for two cars. Includes 4-link mounts for the chassis and rear end as well as other mounts.  Designed by Clay Kemp. Made of .010" stainless steel.  No need to paint these. The photos below are a...

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  • Drag Slicks,17x36x16 1/25

    Drag Slicks,17x36x16 1/25

    These Drag Slicks equal a scale 17x36-16 tire.  This is representative of a current Pro Mod, FC or TF drag slick. Dimensions:Overall Width = .85"Diameter = 1.46"Tread Width = .70"Wheel Opening =.715" The tire ID is designed to work with earlier...

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  • BBC Centered Motor Plate 1/25

    BBC Centered Motor Plate 1/25

    A more accurate motor plate than found in a kit. It is designed for those cars with a centered driveline.While this motor plate is copied after the one used in the Revell Pro-Sportsman kits, it can be used in any build with possible modification.It is...

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  • NoS Aluminum Bottle Set with Bracket 1/25

    NoS Aluminum Bottle Set with Bracket 1/25

    You won't find a more realistic nitrous oxide bottle than this one. (The photo shows a resin bottle and valve, but the bottle is aluminum and the valve is 3D-printed) This 10 lb bottle is made for a lay-down position such as in a trunk or the cockpit...

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  • Muffler - FlowMaster (pair) 1/25

    Muffler - FlowMaster (pair) 1/25

    A pair of resin mufflers made in the style of a FlowMaster muffler. Use styrene rod, aluminum line or solder for the exhaust pipes. 1-1/2" exhaust = .06" 2" exhaust = .08" 2-1/2" exhaust = .10"   Two pieces, resin, by VCG Resins, 1/25 scale.

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  • Big Block Ford, Crank Trigger 1/25 Real World Crank Trigger

    Big Block Ford, Crank Trigger 1/25

    For that big block Ford engine to keep perfect ignition timing. Includes crank trigger wheel, sensor mount and adjustable sensor mounting bracket. A crank triggered ignition system can make more horsepower than a distributor triggered system. A crank...

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  • Hood Scoop #3 1/25

    Hood Scoop #3 1/25

    A long sloping scoop with  triangular opening. An angled rear fits against the windshield. It has a flange around the perimeter where it meets the hood. Overall length: 2-1/4" Height at tallest point: 5/8" The photo shows a black painted scoop...

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  • 8-Hole Wheels 1/25

    8-Hole Wheels 1/25

    A set of 8-hole wheels for your truck, trailer or other vehicle. Here's photo of 8-hole wheels on a trailer.   Four resin wheels, by VCG Resins, 1/25 scale.

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  • Quick Change Rear End 1/25

    Quick Change Rear End 1/25

    For that streetrod, period correct drag race machine or older vehicle. A quick change rear end section.  Add axle tubes with styrene rod, stainless steel tubing or aluminum tubing. For added strength, drill out the center of the rear end and pass...

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