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  • Drag Special Front Tires 1/25

    A narrow front drag tire with really nice tread detail. Will fit the Revell/Monogram style drag front wheels. This tire is similar to Futurattraction's Front Runner tire, except this one is narrower in overall width and tread width. Dimensions: OD -...

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  • '60 Chevy Fleetside Pickup w/ Go Kart 1/25

    '60 Chevy Fleetside Pickup w/ Go Kart 1/25

    FEATURES A basic Chevy pickup truck waiting to be customized your way. Scale Auto magazine (upcoming October issue) will have an article on customizing this Chevy pickup into a speed machine, Stock inline 6-cylinder...

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    Engine Accessory Bracket Set 1/24-1/25

    A photo etched sheet of detailed brackets for your engine accessories. Includes brackets for an alternator, power steering, A/C, etc. You might have another accessory like an oil pump or other item that needs a bracket. TWO OPTIONS ARE...

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  • Kevlar-Carcon Fiber Decal Sheet #27 1/25

    A decal sheet with a kevlar/carbon fiber pattern. The photo looks black because the pattern is dark and doesn't show well in a photo. The actual decal measures 4.25" x 6.75". One sheet. by SLIXX Decals, 1/25 scale.

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  • Tom 'Mongoose' McEwen '69 FED 1/25

    Tom 'Mongoose' McEwen '69 FED 1/25

    This is a new, re-release of a famous front engine dragster. Features include: Newly tooled engine injectors, intake scoop and nose wing Body pieces molded in Mongoose pearl blue Blown 426  Jumbo soft vinyl pad-printed slicks Vintage...

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  • Shift & Lever Knobs, Choose, 1/25

    Choose your color of round shifter/lever knobs from five different colors. Use them on Futurattraction's levers as well as their Hurst, Lenco and Liberty shifter sets. Go with a period correct white or black, or match your interior color, or just be...

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  • Hurst Shifter Set 1/25

    This iconic shifter was THE shifter for drag racing, muscle cars, gassers and street machines in the '60's. Includes 3 different arms and shifter linkage.     Photo etched parts By Futurattraction, 1/25 scale.

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