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  • Tire Valve Stems 1/25

    Add another element of detail to your wheels.A set of machined aluminum tire valve stems. Photo of Tire Valve Stems with .025 Hex Fittings for the lug nuts. Use .025 Evergreen rod for the studs. See the How-To article on detailing wheels:...

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  • Blown Engine Fuel Plumbing Schematics

    All the information you need to plumb the fuel lines on a modern blown engine. A few lines can be changed to represent older blown engines.Covers all the fuel lines from the fuel cell to the injectors, listed in 4 different scales: 1/25, 1/16, 1/12,...

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  • Hex Braided Line Fittings .045

    These hex fittings are compatible with the .045 diameter Braided Line, .040 Aluminum 'Hard' Line or .039 Soft Line  Make your own AN fittings using Pro Tech's aluminum Hex Fittings.For a realistic anodized appearance on these aluminum...

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  • Aluminum Ignition Coil 1/25

    Machined aluminum ignition coil with rubber boot.Use with your color choice of Pro Tech Spark Plug Cable. Coil shown with Pro Tech's distributor kit, flex fan, spark plug wires, spark plug boots, oil breathers and Demon carburetors. By Pro Tech.

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  • Soft Line - Hose .020", .5mm OD

    This soft line equals the following equivalent 1:1 size at each scale.1/25 scale = 1/2"1/16 scale = 1/4" or 5/16"1/12 scale =1/4"1/8 scale  = 1/8"Typical uses are small oil, vacuum and fuel lines, especially fuel & nitrous delivery at the the...

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  • Coil Over Shock Kit 1/25

    Here is a complete coil over shock kit, with all of the parts needed to detail your suspension. Kit includes: Hollow resin shock bodies Resin lower extensions RB Motion rod ends Nckel-silver lower spring adjusters Upper spring retainers .125" OD coil...

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  • Oval Exhaust Bezels Doorslammer, ProMod, 1/25

    These bezels are the perfect way to finish the fender exit holes if the headers exit at an angle to the body. They are especially well-suited for Doorslamers or Pro Mods. Round bezels are also available for headers that exit perpendicular to the body...

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  • Front Runner Tires 1/25

    Front drag tire patterned after Goodyear Frontrunner style. Designed to be direct fit for R/M style drag front wheels. Dimensions: 1" OD .65" (21/32")  ID .25" wide One pair, cast in soft, black rubber, 1/25 scale.  

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  • Roll Bar Padding 1/25

    Rubber tubing for roll bars.   Dimensions are as follows: 1/8" OD 1/16" ID 1/32" Wall thickness   Can also be used for other larger water/coolant hoses.     Four, 2 1/2" lengths of black rubber tubing, by Pro Tech.

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  • Distributor, Pre-Wired, Black Cap 1/25

    Throw away that unrealistic kit distributor.  This will add more detail to your engine. Pre-wired with your color choice of spark plug wires. Contains Black Distributor Cap with wires.  Choose your spark plug wire color above. Drive Spark...

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