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  • 572 Valve Covers 1/25

    A pair of lower profile valve covers for a Chevy 572 or other engine. A port for a breather cap is molded in.  Check this one out  by VCG Resins.   One pair of valve covers, resin, by VCG Resins, 1/25 scale.      

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  • BBC 572 Blown/Carb Engine 1/25

    A blown, dual carb, 572 cubic inch BBC engine. Ideal for that screaming street machine or hot rod. Engine includes:    572 Block Heads 572 Valve Covers Blower Intake System (4pc.) 2 Dominator Carburators Blower Timing Cover Oil Pan Blower...

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  • BBC 572 Single Carb Engine 1/25

    A complete 572 cubic inch carbureted BBC engine. Kit Includes: 572 Block Heads 572 Valve covers Hi-rise Manifold Dominator carb 572 Oil Pan 572 Racing timing cover 572 Water pump Starter 2 pc alternator Aluminum valve cover breathers shown in...

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  • BBC Heads & Bowtie  Valve Covers 1/25

    BBC Heads & Bowtie Valve Covers 1/25

    A pair of big Pro Mod heads with valve covers. These will fit on a HEMI also Turn your kit-supplied street BBC engine into a Pro Mod engine. The valve covers have the Chevy Bowtie emblem on them. Apply a thin coat of paint so as not to cover the emblem...

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  • 3-Pulley Set - Double Groove 1/25

    A set of three V-Grooved aluminum pulleys. These pulleys look like the real thing with recessed faces and actual V-grooves.  Includes Pulleys For: Crank - double groove Water Pump - double groove Alternator Three pieces, aluminum, by VCG Resins,...

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  • 3-Hole Tri-Power Scoop, Long 1/25

    A 3-hole scoop/hat in a triangular shape. Overall length is 1.2" A shorter version of this scoop is also available. The photo shows this scoop sitting on a ram intake setup which is not included.   2 resin pieces by VCG Resins, 1/25 scale...

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