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  • Chevy 409 Complete Engine 1/25

    A complete 409 cubic inch Chevy engine in its stock configuration. Includes transmission.   Engine Kit includes:     Block    Heads    Valve covers    2-carb intake manifold    2-4bbl QuadraJet...

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  • Oval Scoop, Short 1/25

    A shorter scoop with a round/oval opening. The rear is slightly sloped to fit against the windshield.  It can be shaped to fit your installation.   Resin, by VCG Resins, 1/25 scale.    

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  • BBC 904 Single Carb Engine 1/25

    A complete 904 cubic inch carbureted BBC engine. Kit Includes: 904 Block Heads 904 Valve covers Hi-rise Manifold Dominator carb Oil Pan Timing cover/motor mounting plate Headers shown in the photo are not included. Photo above of completed engine may...

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    C&R Radiator Decal 1/25

    Your choice of two different sizes of a C&R Radiator decals. Includes one decal. Dimensions (letters only, not paper): Small = .5" wide x .25" high Large = .75" wide x .375" ,(3/8") One decal, your size choice, by VCG Resins, 1/25 scale

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  • 5-Pulley Set - Double Groove 1/25

    A set of five V-Grooved aluminum pulleys. These pulleys look like the real thing with recessed faces and actual V-grooves.  Includes Pulleys For: Crank - double groove Water Pump - double groove Alternator Power Steering A/C Five pieces, aluminum,...

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  • Truck Spare Tire 1/25

    A tire and a simulated soft cover. Two pieces, glued together, to represent a covered spare. Overall Diameter = 1.25".   Resin, by VCG Resins, 1/25 scale.

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  • Truck Meyer Salter Kit, 1/25

    Truck Meyer Salter Kit, 1/25

    A detailed Salter that mounts on the rear of your truck. This is modeled after the real life Meyer Blaster. Includes decal sheet with Meyer, Western, Hinkler, Sno-Wax and SnowEx decals.    Here's a real life photo of the Meyer Blaster salter...

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  • Shown with single carb but the Haltech EFI is included Haltech EFI is included

    Milodon 604 Haltech EFI BBC Engine 1/25

    A 604 cubic inch BBC engine with Haltech EFI. Kit Includes: 604 Block 604 Heads Milodon valve covers Haltech EFI kit with fuel rails Large capacity oil pan Timing cover with electric water pump Drop headers Bellhousing or transmission not included...

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  • Truck Diamond Plate Step/Boxes 1/25

    Truck Diamond Plate Step/Boxes 1/25

    A pair of step boxes with a diamond plate pattern molded into the surface. The pattern is on the step, top and face of the boxes Box Dimensions =  1.14" wide x 1" deep x .67" high. The step adds .3" to the depth.   Two pieces, aluminum, by VCG...

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