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  • Fiat Fuel Altered Body 1/25

    Fiat Fuel Altered Body 1/25

      An iconic drag racing body from the early '60's to today. Newer versions use a longer wheelbase for more stability. Features: One-piece body Use a Modified Early Model Revell Funny Car Kit for Chassis Body Color -...

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  • Standard 12V Battery 1/25

    An older style battery that has two long filler caps on the top. The two caps each cover 3 cells of a common auto battery.   One resin piece, by VCG Resins, 1/25 scale.    

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  • Racing Harness-Lever Type 1/24-1/25

    Racing Harness-Lever Type 1/24-1/25

    A lever -type racing harness. The photo etched buckles are crisp and there are enough for two complete harnesses. Includes SIMPSON labels to cut out and affix to the included black belt material. Detailed instructions describe the assembly...

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