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New in November

  • Ted's Logo Pen with Stylus Tip

    Soft Touch Ted's Logo Pen with Stylus These pens not only write and feel really nice, they look great and the stylus tip works on your mobile devices.  There is no weight assigned to this pen and it will not add to your order total weight...

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  • Starlite Rear Wheels 1/24

    A new custom wheel design by Futurattraction.  These match Futurattraction's front spindle-mount wheels   They are the same 5-point star design and can also use a color-coordinated (front or rear half) paint scheme. Includes: CNC...

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  • Starlite Front Wheels 1/24

    A new custom wheel design by Futurattraction.  These are spindle-mount wheels and fit Futurattraction's' spindle front strut kit.    They are a simple 5-point star design, but have a significantly thinner "show side" wheel half...

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  • Front End Mounting Brackets 1/16

    These brackets are intended to simulate the mounting brackets used to locate removable front ends from drag or other styles of cars.   Photo etched, 1/16 scale, by Futurattraction.   Photo Etched, (2 pr) 

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  • Firestone Drag 500 Tire Set of 4 1/25

    A set of four Firestone 'Drag 500' tires with white lettering. The rear consists of slicks. The front tire tread detail is excellent. The sidewall lettering on all tires is 'Firestone' and 'Drag 500' (see the photo) These tires were popular during...

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  • Monster Truck Tire 4-Set 1/25

    Monster Truck Tire 4-Set 1/25

    They don't call these MONSTER tires for nothing - they're HUGE! Use on Monster Trucks (duh), Off-Road, Swamp Buggy, Rat Rod Trucks and others.   Here's a nice example of a Monster Truck to get you thinking...     ...and how about a...

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  • Paint Transfer Pipette

    Don't waste paint and make a mess while pouring paint from the bottle to the airbrush cup. Directions: Insert the tip of the eyedropper into the paint or clear coat bottle while squeezing the top pump of the eyedropper. Release the pump but still hold...

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