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TDR Innovations 1/16 Scale

tdr-logo-2.jpg*** 1/16 SCALE *** 

  • Camaro '68 Pro Mod  Body - Pre Owned 1/16

    Camaro '68 Pro Mod Body - Pre Owned 1/16

    This 3D-printed1 968 Pro Mod Camaro body is like new and you save money. Purchase it directly from the seller  if you're interested, submit an email to: The shipping braces have been removed, a lip has been removed from just...

    MSRP: $187.82
  • Bellhousing-Racing 7-1/2" Deep (No Starter) 1/16

    Bellhousing-Racing 7-1/2" Deep (No Starter) 1/16

    This bellhousing fits both of TDR's BBC and SBC engines as well as other engines that don't have a starter at the flywheel.  Depending which engine you're mounting this on, you may have to make a thin plate to fit between the engine block and...

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  • Muncie 4-Speed Transmission 1/16

    Muncie 4-Speed Transmission 1/16

    Here's a 4-speed Muncie transmission to go with that Chevy engine. A highly detailed transmission with a separate side cover plate and tail section.This is ready for bolt detailing using my resin hex bolt heads. The correct size for 5/8" bolt heads would...

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