Drive Train & Chassis

  • Slotted Rotor 4-Piece Set 1/25

    Slotted, 4-rotor set. Front rotors equal a scale diameter of 10". Rear rotors equal a scale 11.75" @ 1/25 scale. These rotors can replace any rotors in Futurattraction's front and rear  brake sets.   Four pieces, photo etched, 1/25 scale, by...

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  • Drag Slicks,17x36x16 1/25

    These Drag Slicks equal a scale 17x36-16 tire.  This is representative of a current Pro Mod, FC or TF drag slick. Dimensions:Overall Width = .85"Diameter = 1.46"Tread Width = .70"Wheel Opening =.715" The tire ID is designed to work with earlier...

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  • Muffler & Exhaust Pipe Detail Set - 1/25

    Muffler & Exhaust Pipe Detail Set - 1/25

    Photo etched set of muffler and exhaust pipe clamps and hangers. You can't get any more realistic than this.  Muffler clamps and hangers with U-bolts and nuts. Assembly required and bending of photo etched parts are necessary.  U bolts are...

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  • Liberty Transmission 1/25

    Liberty Transmission 1/25

    This is a replica of the Liberty 5-speed Clutchless transmission. Scott, at Futurattraction, took measurements directly from a real Liberty transmission. It doesn't get any more authentic than this.   See also, a photo etched Liberty shifter...

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  • Wheelie Bar-Double & Black Wheel Assembly 1/24

    Wheelie Bar-Double & Black Wheel Assembly 1/24

    Here is a ready-to-install wheelie bar assembly. Made of aluminum and stainless steel and features Futrattraction's wheelie bar bracket and RB Motion rod ends, bolts, washers and nuts. Includes additional rod ends and bolts for mounting to your chassis...

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  • Front Strut Gusset Kit 1/25

    These gussets are intended to add both structural as well as added detail to the upper strut mount. There are enough for approximately seven cars. These gussets are intended to fit around a 3/32 (.094)" upper strut mount.        ...

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  • Dana - Narrowed Rear End & Brake Kit 1/25

    Here is a complete Dana narrowed rear end with brakes. Kit includes: Narrowed housing Rear cover Housing ends including one spare Resin brake hats Resin calipers PE drilled rotors PE calipers   See also a matching 4-link set for this Dana rear end...

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  • Shown with Pegasus wheels as an example.  Wheels are not included.

    Drag Slicks,16x33x16 1/25

    These Drag Slicks equal a scale 16x33-16 tire.  This is representative of a current Pro Stock drag slick. To determine if these will fit your needs, here are the actual dimensions:Overall Width = .83"Diameter = 1.40"Tread Width = .66"Wheel Opening =...

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  • 00-90 Hex Nuts

    This is a true Hex Nut in a 00-90 size and thread configuration.  Perfect for detailing your suspension or wheels as lug nuts.  The metal finish is realistic looking compared to brass nuts.  And no painting is required.Use in...

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