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  • Drill Bits #70 - #80, Individual

    Keep breaking those small drill bits like I do? Don't want to buy an entire set just to replace a few drill bits? Here's your chance! Select your size from #70 (.0280", .712mm) to #80 (.0135", .343mm) and get two drill bits. These aren't your cheap,...

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  • Preval or Spray Can Handle

    Preval or Spray Can Handle

    Turn your spray can or Preval System into a more controlled sprayer. Want a nice even flow, of Preval or canister paint, without getting your finger painted too? This has a professional, comfortable feel and it makes it easier to direct the spray...

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  • Preval Spray Gun Parts

    Here are items for the Preval Paint System to keep it like new or just additional items for your convenience. Replacement or additional items are selected individually. Power Unit - this is the propellant can for the Preval Paint Sprayer. Includes...

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  • Preval Spray Gun

    Preval Spray Gun

    Always wanted to use Alclad or Gravity Colors' paints but didn't want to buy an airbrush? Here's an easy way to spray paint your model with any available paint or clear coat.  It can be an automotive or other paint that you wouldn't normally be...

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  • Hard Line Straightener Tool

    Hard Line Straightener Tool

    This invaluably simple tool will straighten out almost every size of aluminum hard line I have. The range is from .014" hard line to .127" hard line. Here is a table on my Tech Page to determine the size soft line or hard line you need. It...

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