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Engine Detailing

  • Spark Plug Wire Looms 1/25

    Enough wire spreaders to detail a few engine. Photo etched wire looms in 2, 3 and 4-hole configurations.   One photo etched sheet, by Morgan Automotive Detail, 1/25 scale

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    Engine Accessory Bracket Set 1/24-1/25

    A photo etched sheet of detailed brackets for your engine accessories. Includes brackets for an alternator, power steering, A/C, etc. You might have another accessory like an oil pump or other item that needs a bracket. TWO OPTIONS ARE...

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  • Soft Line - Hose or Cable .031", .8mm OD Dia.

    This is a soft line that is easily configured to the space you have. It's able to bend at a sharp angle without kinking. At 1/25 scale, use for heater hose, air conditioning hose and more.Makes perfect spark plug cable at 1/12 scale (see also soft line ...

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  • Engine Detailing Kit Plus, 1/25

    An engine wiring and plumbing kit Consists of: Radiator hose Heater hose Black detailing wire (battery, ignition, etc) Red detailing wire (battery, ignition, etc) Two sizes of aluminum line   By Parts by Parks, 1/25 scale.

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  • Soft Clear Line Hose .032", .8mm

    This is a soft clear tubing that is easily configured to the space you have. It's able to bend at a fairly sharp angle without collapsing.   For fittings, see Hex Fittings or Size I Ferrules sized at .080 for this clear line. This soft line...

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  • Front with Pulley Rear View

    Power Steering Pump, 1/25

    From R&D Unique, a cast metal power steering pump. This is fashioned after a Saginaw pump. It has excellent detail around the filler-cap and the included grooved pulley.   One metal piece by R&D Unique, 1/25 scale

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  • Pulley Set #6 Polished 1/25

    A set of four polished aluminum V-groove pulleys with belt material. The face of the this pulley set is smooth and slightly cone shaped where the center is pointed outward, except for the crank pulley. Consists of four single groove pulleys: Crank...

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  • Molded Blower Belt with Pulleys 1/25

    A more detailed blower belt set than found in kits. The belt shows cogs on the inside and bolt heads are found on the pulleys. Also has the blower pulley, crank pulley and idler pulley molded in..   Blower pulley to Crank pulley center-to-center...

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