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Engine Detailing

  • Radiator Logo Template 1/25

    Radiator Logo Template 1/25

    A radiator template makes it easy to spray an accurate logo on your radiator. Depending on the material, some radiators would show the film that the decal is printed on and wouldn't look realistic. Three manufacturers' logos to choose from: ...

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  • Spark Plug Wire Loom Set 1/25

    A nice set of photo etched wire looms. Spreaders are in 2, 3 and 4-hole configurations. If using soft .020" (or smaller) rubber wires, use the looms as they are. If using solid wire, It is necessary to "clean up" the holes with a .020" bit so wires will...

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  • 4-Pulley Set, 2-Grooves, 1/25

    A set of four spun aluminum V-groove pulleys. Consists of: 1 Double groove crank pulley 1 Double groove water pump pulley 1 Large single groove accessory pulley 1 Small single groove accessory pulley Belt material   NOTE: The diagrams on...

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  • Radiator Face Panels 1/24-1/25

    A photo etched plate with the radiator fin pattern you'd see on both sides of a radiator. Measures 1-1/4" x 2" and should be enough for one car. One photo etched set by Detail Master, 1/24-1/25 scales.

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  • Holley Dominator & PE Details, Pair 1/25

    Holley Dominator & PE Details, Pair 1/25

    Holley Dominator Ultra Detail Carb Kit with Photo Etch Air Horn and Linkage Contains 2 carbs and PE details.   Photos of completed carbs are for illustration only. Assembly required. Resin and photo etched parts by Futurattraction, 1/25 scale

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  • Liberty Transmission 1/25

    Liberty Transmission 1/25

    This is a replica of the Liberty 5-speed Clutchless transmission. Scott, at Futurattraction, took measurements directly from a real Liberty transmission. It doesn't get any more authentic than this.   See also, a photo etched Liberty shifter...

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  • Battery (pair) 1/25

    A pair resin batteries to add detail for the trunk or the engine bay. Dress them up with manufacturer's decals found here. Contains 2 resin batteries, 1/25 scale, by Competition Resin

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  • Spark Plug Boots - Colors 1/25

    Spark Plug Boots - Colors 1/25

    Boots for spark pugs or other electrical wiring in 4 colors.Use in combination with your choice of Pro Tech Spark Plug Wire. Each pack contains 8 boots, 1/25 scale, by Teds Modeling. CHOOSE COLOR

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