Engine Detailing

  • Tee Fitting, Small

    Tee Fitting, Small

    This is an inline fitting for braided lines, hard lines or hoses.Typical uses are splits for carburetor fuel lines and brake lines.Use Pro Tech .025 Braided Line and matching Fittings. Each package contains one T fitting, by Pro Tech. Metal Cast

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  • Fuel Junction Block 1/25

    Fuel Junction Block 1/25

    For your single or dual carburetor setups where the fuel lines split.  Made with molded-on fittings.Use .025 Braided Lines and Fittings. You can also add a small T fitting.                    ...

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  • Pre-Wired Distributor 1/25

    Pre-Wired Distributor 1/25

    Here'a machined aluminum distributor body with your color choice of spark plug wire already installed.Drill a hole in your block and insert this distributor. Route the wires to the spark plugs and don't forget the Pro Tech Spark Plug Boots, for even more...

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  • Spark Plug or Large Detailing Wire 1/25 Spark Plug or Large Detailing Wire 1/25

    Spark Plug or Large Detailing Wire 1/25

    Choose a color for your spark plug wires.This can also be used for large detailing wire, if the other Pro Tech wire choices aren't large enough.Available colors:BlackRedBlueYellowOrangeGrayOne roll of wire .018" x 3', by Pro Tech.Specify color.

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  • Spark Plug Boots Black 1/25

    Spark Plug Boots Black 1/25

    Rubber boots ready to use as is, for straight boots, or cut them and glue at a 90 degree angle for angled boots.Use in combination with your choice of color Pro Tech Spark Plug Wire.Each pack contains 8 black boots, by Pro Tech.

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  • Nut & Bolt Set, Photo Etched

    Nut & Bolt Set, Photo Etched

    Photo Etched bolt and nut flat heads,  Nut features a protruding bolt. Offered in 3 sizes to fit your needs. The dimension is measured across the flats.Mounted on a soft back so no cutting of parts is necessary (means less lost...

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  • Detailing Wire Detailing Wire

    Detailing Wire

    Very small wire to be used for ignition wiring, computer connections, gauges, etc.Available in the following colors:BlackRedBlueYellowOne roll of wire .007" x 3', by Pro Tech.

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