Engine Parts & Detailing

  • 00-90 Hex Nuts

    This is a true Hex Nut in a 00-90 size and thread configuration.  Perfect for detailing your suspension or wheels as lug nuts.  The metal finish is realistic looking compared to brass nuts.  And no painting is required.Use in...

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  • Soft Line - Hose or Cable .039", 1mm OD

    This is a soft, solid rubber line that bends easily and smoothly.  It's able to bend at a sharp angle without kinking. This makes perfect spark plug cable for 1/12 scale.  It drapes natually and looks proportional to the larger engine...

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  • Nut & Bolt Set, Photo Etched

    Photo Etched bolt and nut flat heads,  Nut features a protruding bolt. Offered in 3 sizes to fit your needs. The dimension is measured across the flats.Mounted on a soft back so no cutting of parts is necessary (means less lost parts)  ...

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  • Detailing Wire

    Detailing Wire

    Very small wire to be used for ignition wiring, computer connections, gauges, etc.Available in the following colors:BlackRedBlueYellowOne roll of wire .007" x 3', by Pro Tech.

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  • Blown Engine Fuel Plumbing Schematics

    All the information you need to plumb the fuel lines on a modern blown engine. A few lines can be changed to represent older blown engines.Covers all the fuel lines from the fuel cell to the injectors, listed in 4 different scales: 1/25, 1/16, 1/12,...

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  • Soft Line - Hose .020", .5mm OD

    This soft line equals the following equivalent 1:1 size at each scale.1/25 scale = 1/2"1/16 scale = 1/4" or 5/16"1/12 scale =1/4"1/8 scale  = 1/8"Typical uses are small oil, vacuum and fuel lines, especially fuel & nitrous delivery at the the...

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  • Blown Engine Fuel Injection Block 1/16

    Fuel Injection Block for supercharged engines. This is the fuel block that is located behind the injector hat and behind the blower which feeds the manifold. Use Pro Tech’s .035 Braided Line along with the corresponding fittings for the fuel feed line to...

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  • Soft Clear Line Hose .032", .8mm

    This is a soft clear tubing that is easily configured to the space you have. It's able to bend at a fairly sharp angle without collapsing.   For fittings, see Hex Fittings or Size I Ferrules sized at .080 for this clear line. This soft line...

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