Engine Related

  • Soft Line - Hose or Cable .039, 1mm OD

    Soft Line - Hose or Cable .039, 1mm OD

    This is a soft, solid rubber line that bends easily and smoothly.  It's able to bend at a sharp angle without kinking. This makes perfect spark plug cable for 1/12 scale.  It drapes natually and looks proportional to the larger engine...

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  • Lenco Shifter Lever Set 1/25

    Lenco Shifter Lever Set 1/25

    You need a set of these Lenco shifters for your Pro Mod or other drag car.  Adds realism and detail to your build. Contains set of levers, brackets, linkage and instructions.. Make sure you click on the product photo above, to enlarge it, to...

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  • 00-90 Hex Nuts

    00-90 Hex Nuts

    This is a true Hex Nut in a 00-90 size and thread configuration.  Perfect for detailing your suspension or wheels as lug nuts.  The metal finish is realistic looking compared to brass nuts.  And no painting is required.Use in...

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  • Battery (pair) 1/25

    Battery (pair) 1/25

    A pair resin batteries to add detail for the trunk or the engine bay. Dress them up with manufacturer's decals found here. Contains 2 resin batteries, 1/25 scale, by Competition Resin

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  • Digital Gauge Cluster 1/25

    Digital Gauge Cluster 1/25

    A digital gauge cluster for that Pro Mod or other race machine. Includes resin backing plate and color digital gauge insert.   This photo shows the completed cluster.     Here's a real life Haltech digital gauge cluster   By...

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  • Small Detailing Wire Small Detailing Wire

    Small Detailing Wire

    Small gauge detailing wire for ignition items, lights, gauges and other smaller electrical loads. Available in Black, Red, Blue and Yellow. One package contains 3' x .007" diameter wire. Specify color.

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  • Radiator Cap - Short 1/25

    Radiator Cap - Short 1/25

    To detail that radiator and engine bay - an aluminum radiator cap. This is the short version with practically no neck.  A tall version is also available. It can also be used for valve cover breathers and filler necks, like fuel tanks or cells...

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  • Holley Dominator & PE Details, Pair 1/25 Holley Dominator & PE Details, Pair 1/25

    Holley Dominator & PE Details, Pair 1/25

    Holley Dominator Ultra Detail Carb Kit with Photo Etch Air Horn and Linkage Contains 2 carbs and PE details.   Photos of completed carbs are for illustration only. Assembly required. Resin and photo etched parts by Futurattraction, 1/25 scale

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  • Blower Hold Down Plate 1/25

    Blower Hold Down Plate 1/25

    Here is a plate that mounts under your blower and allows for it to be tied down with restraint straps. Look here for restraint strap material. Molded in one piece.   Contains 1 resin blower hold down plate, by Holeshot Resins, 1/25 scale.

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