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  • Soft Line-Hose-Release Cable .014, .35mm OD

    Soft Line-Hose-Release Cable .014, .35mm OD

    This is my smallest soft line.  It's nylon coated stainless steel which can be tightly bent and it can hold its shape if bent tight enough. I've used it for a parachute-release cable fromt the cockpit parachute release lever to the parachute and it...

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  • T'Stat Housing 1/24 - 1/25

    T'Stat Housing 1/24 - 1/25

    Here is a detail item you won't find everywhere - a thermostat housing for any engine. Shown with a .078" rubber line (not included) found here.          Contains one thermostat / water neck housing, 1/24 - 1/25...

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  • Large Detailing Wire Large Detailing Wire

    Large Detailing Wire

    Large gauge detailing wire for ignition items, batteries and other items that have large electrical loads. Available in Black, Red, Blue and Yellow. One package contains 5' x .018" diameter wire. Specify color.

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  • Soft Line Hose .078, 2mm OD .039, 1mm ID

    Soft Line Hose .078, 2mm OD .039, 1mm ID

    This a soft rubber tubing (hollow) that is easily configured to the space you have. It's able to bend at a fairly sharp angle without collapsing.  The hollow ends make it easy to attach to objects with a placement of a pin or stud they may already...

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  • Battery  1/25

    Battery 1/25

    A battery to start that mean engine! Dress it up with manufacturer's decals found here. Contains 1 resin battery, 1/25 scale, by Competition Resin

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  • Dual Nitrous or O2 or Air Bottle Pair 1/25

    Dual Nitrous or O2 or Air Bottle Pair 1/25

    Here are a pair of bottles that can be used for nitrous, fire, compressed air, oxygen, etc. Mount them in the interior, at the rear or ahead of the engine. Add a NOS decal found here, if this is the intended use for these bottles.  The 'small'...

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  • Rubber Fuel Line (solid core) 1/25

    Rubber Fuel Line (solid core) 1/25

    This line can be used for fuel, oil, water or other transfer hoses.It has a solid copper core to hold its shape.Use hex fittings sized at .025".Each package contains one coil .024" x 3', color black, by Pro Tech.

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  • Radiator Cap - Tall 1/25

    Radiator Cap - Tall 1/25

    To detail that radiator - an aluminum radiator cap. This is the tall version with a taller cap.  A short version is also available. It can also be used for other filler necks, like fuel tanks.   One cap, aluminum, by VCG Resins, 1/25 scale.

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  • Aluminum RED Hard Line - Various Sizes

    Aluminum RED Hard Line - Various Sizes

    This soft red aluminum line is available in three sizes.  The color has an annodized look to it. It is very soft and will bend easily without kinking.  It can also be straightened out and is firm enough to hold its shape.   Equivalent...

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