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  • Small Air Cleaner 2-Set 1/25

    Small Air Cleaner 2-Set 1/25

    A pair of nicely detailed oval air cleaners. Approximately 3/8" long. Includes: Top with ball-grooves Bottom, solid Louvered sides Mesh filter material  Assembly is required.   Photo etched sheet, by Highlight Model Studio, 1/25...

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  • Megaphone Exhaust Tips ,1/25

    A pair of aluminum exhaust tips with an angled flared end. This is hollow and looks realistic. Dimensions: Inlet Diameter: 1/8" Outlet Diameter: 3/16" (flared end) For 2-1/2" exhaust pipes to match, use .112 aluminum hard line. This is almost the...

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  • Einstein Blower Hat and Base 1/25

    Einstein Blower Hat and Base 1/25

    Here's a different blower hat.  It's similar to the Janis style. Includes a plate with an injector distribution block. Overall height is 1.00". Three pieces in resin   By Competition Resins, 1/25 scale.    

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  • S.C.O.T Blower 1/25

    Here's a special blower for that Flathead engine. S.Co.T. is an abbreviation for 'Supercharger Company of Turin' (Torino), Italy. It was one of the most popular "roots" style blowers in the 1950's and popular today on Street Rods and Rat Rods...

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  • Flathead Finned Oil Filter 1/25

    An external machined aluminum finned oil filter for a Flathead Ford engine. Included are vinyl and aluminum lines for the inlet and outlet plumbing of the filter. A diagram and directions are printed on the back of the header card. Here is an accessory...

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  • Single Barrel/Flathead Air Cleaners 1/25

    Three small machined aluminum air cleaners. Although these are single barrel air cleaners, they're also made to fit atop the Flathead Oil Filter by Parts by Parks Three aluminum pieces by Parts by Parks, 1/25 scale.

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  • Aluminum RED Hard Line - Various Sizes

    This soft red aluminum line is available in multiple sizes for different uses.  The color has an anodized look to it with a satin shine. It is very soft and will bend easily without kinking.  It can also be straightened out and is firm enough...

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