• 392 HEMI Engine 1/25

    A complete early style blown Chrysler HEMi engine complete with transmission. Kit Includes:    Block    Heads    Finned M/T style valve covers    Blower    Dual 4bbl...

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  • Chevy 409 Complete Engine 1/25

    A complete 409 cubic inch Chevy engine in its stock configuration. Includes transmission.   Engine Kit includes:     Block    Heads    Valve covers    2-carb intake manifold    2-4bbl QuadraJet...

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  • Flathead Finned Oil Filter 1/25

    An external machined aluminum finned oil filter for a Flathead Ford engine. Included are vinyl and aluminum lines for the inlet and outlet plumbing of the filter. A diagram and directions are printed on the back of the header card. Here is an accessory...

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  • Megaphone Exhaust Tips ,1/25

    A pair of aluminum exhaust tips with an angled flared end. This is hollow and looks realistic. Dimensions: Inlet Diameter: 1/8" Outlet Diameter: 3/16" (flared end) For 2-1/2" exhaust pipes to match, use .112 aluminum hard line. This is almost the...

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