Engines Specific

  • Assembled engine shown.  Transmission not included.

    BBC 604 Milodon Engine 1/25

    A complete 604 cubic inch carbureted Milodon BBC engine. Kit Includes:    Block    Heads    Milodon Valve covers    Single 4b intake    Holly 750 Carb    Oil pan   ...

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  • BBC 'Long-Block' Engine (no fuel pump) 1/25

    BBC 'Long-Block' Engine (no fuel pump) 1/25

    TDR's Big Block Chevy engine is available in this 'long-block' version.  This version is more of a racing block and does not have a provision for a mechanical fuel pump . Start with this and add optional types of induction and high performance...

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  • 392 HEMI Engine 1/25

    A complete early style blown Chrysler HEMi engine complete with transmission. Kit Includes:    Block    Heads    Finned M/T style valve covers    Blower    Dual 4bbl...

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  • Includes Lenco & Bellhousing

    Ford 'Cleveland' 351 & Lenco 1/25

    A nicely detailed, complete, 351cid small block Ford engine with Cleveland heads.  Perfect for that '70's-early '80s Pro Stock racer.This looks like a vintage Cleveland P/S engine and even features square valve covers.You get the whole package here...

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  • BBC 904 Pro Mod Tunnel Ram Engine 1/25

    A complete 904 cubic inch Tunnel Ram BBC engine. Kit Includes: 904 Block Heads Valve covers Tunnel Ram Manifold 2 Dominator carbs Oil Pan Timing cover/motor mounting plate Photo above of completed engine may show options that are not part of...

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  • Chevy 350 Complete Engine 1/25

    A complete 350 cubic inch SBC engine in its stock configuration. Includes transmission.   Engine Kit includes:     350 Block    Heads    Valve covers    Single intake    Demon...

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  • 800ci BB Tunnel Ram Engine 1/25

    A complete Big Block 800 cubic inch Tunnel Ram engine. Kit Includes: 800 Block Heads Valve covers Tunnel Ram Components Aiirbox with Throttle Body Moroso Oil Pan Timing cover/motor mounting plate Electric Water Pump Photo above of completed...

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  • Real World Crank Trigger

    Big Block Ford, Crank Trigger 1/25

    For that big block Ford engine to keep perfect ignition timing. Includes crank trigger wheel, sensor mount and adjustable sensor mounting bracket. A crank triggered ignition system can make more horsepower than a distributor triggered system. A crank...

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  • Chevy 350 Engine, Carb 1/25

    A excellent engine for a muscle car.or street rod. Includes: Complete engine Single Quad Carb Hi-Rise Malifold Electric Water Pump Timing Cover Pulleys Oil Filter Alternator 2 Belts Transmission and Bellhousing  Assembly required...

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  • BBC 572 Haltech Engine 1/25

    A 572 cubic inch BBC engine with Haltech EFI induction. Engine includes:  572 Block Heads 572 Valve covers Oil pan Timing Cover w/water pump Haltech EFI kit w/ fuel rails Photo above of completed engine may show options that are not part...

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