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    Twin 2 1/2" Turbo Charger Set with Headers 1/16

    This twin turbo charger set will fit on a HEMI or BBC engine and it will save you time and money. NOTE: For 1/18 scale, this turbo is closer to 3". A complete set of headers piped to two 2 1/2" turbo chargers including waste gates. As shown in the...

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  • Real World Crank Trigger

    Big Block Engine Crank Trigger 1/16

    Here is a Crank Trigger kit, for the a block engine and especially for the big block Chevy. Includes crank trigger wheel, sensor mount and adjustable sensor mounting bracket. A crank triggered ignition system can make more horsepower than a distributor...

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  • Rear Exit Headers BBC or HEMI 1/16

    Rear Exit Headers BBC or HEMI 1/16

    While these header are made by TDR and will fit their BBC engine, they can be used on HEMI engines and other BBC engines.These headers are routed down the rear of the engine.  See the different angle photos above. The header flanges have holes...

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  • Funny Car Late Model 526 Hemi Engine 1/16

    Funny Car Late Model 526 Hemi Engine 1/16

    1/16 scale Late Model Funny Car 526 Hemi. Includes Blower, Injector Hat, Pulleys and Valve Covers.NOTE: Does not include a bellhousing/clutch can, transmission, fuel pump or magneto. See here, for a set of injector butterflies to fit this engine. ...

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