Interior & Cockpit

  • Spark Plug or Large Detailing Wire 1/25

    Spark Plug or Large Detailing Wire 1/25

    Choose a color for your spark plug wires.This can also be used for large detailing wire, if the other Pro Tech wire choices aren't large enough.Available colors:BlackRedBlueYellowOrangeGrayOne roll of wire .018" x 3', by Pro Tech.Specify color.

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  • Nut & Bolt Set, Photo Etched

    Photo Etched bolt and nut flat heads,  Nut features a protruding bolt. Offered in 3 sizes to fit your needs. The dimension is measured across the flats.Mounted on a soft back so no cutting of parts is necessary (means less lost...

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  • 5-Point Racing Harness 1/25

    5-Point Racing Harness 1/25

    Pro Tech's 5-Point Racing Harness with photoetched buckles and ready to use harness material.                               Pro Tech's own design makes it easy to assemble,...

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  • Completed seat with scratch built pads (not included) Stainless Steel Seat folded to final position

    Kirkey Racing Seat 1/24 & 1/25

    The very popular light weight Kirkey seat. Photo of completed seat is for visual reference only. Includes: Photoetched seat in your choice of brass (1/24, $4.95) or stainless steel (1/25, $3.95).  Completed seat, painted, with scratch built pads...

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  • Detailing Wire

    Detailing Wire

    Very small wire to be used for ignition wiring, computer connections, gauges, etc.Available in the following colors:BlackRedBlueYellowOne roll of wire .007" x 3', by Pro Tech.

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  • Roll Bar Padding 1/25

    Rubber tubing for roll bars.   Dimensions are as follows: 1/8" OD 1/16" ID 1/32" Wall thickness   Can also be used for other larger water/coolant hoses.     Four, 2 1/2" lengths of black rubber tubing, by Pro Tech.

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  • Two 4" strips Example of painted weld beads on a 1/16 Pro Mod by Andy Chew

    Weld Beads 3D 1/25 - 1/24

    Weld beads in 3D by Archer Surface Details in two types of beads - Perfect and Arc. Use them wherever welds would be found, like: headers, intake manifolds/air boxes, frames, roll bars and the list goes on. The perfect-weld beads are machine generated...

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  • Dzus Fasteners 1/25

    These quarter-turn Dzus fasteners are used primarily to hold down body sections.They're individually mounted on a soft rubber backing, so no cutting is required (and no lost parts).There are enough fasteners here for a couple of cars.One set metal-cast,...

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