Machined Aluminum Specialties


  • Nitrous Bottle Set 1/25

    Nitrous Bottle Set 1/25

    Machined aluminum NOS bottles and solenoids will add realism to your nitrous engine. A two-bottle photo etched tank mounting kit is also available. Set contains: 2 Bottles 4 Solenoids Add a NOS decal found here.  The 'small' size is a...

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  • Hood Pin Kit 1/25

    Hood Pin Kit 1/25

    A realistic looking hood pin set.  Enough for several cars. Contains 18 plates and pins plus wire for the pin lanyards. For the stud that protrudes through the plate, use a .030" Evergreen rod (#210) and drill a hole at the tip for the pin...

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  • Brake Rotors 1/25

    Brake Rotors 1/25

    Photoetched 12" Diameter Brake Rotor kit to help detail those wheels. Also, see the Brake Calipers by MAS. Phto etched parts by Machined Aluminum specialities. 1/25 scale.

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  • Dry Sump Oil Pump 1/25

    Dry Sump Oil Pump 1/25

    A machined aluminumn oil sump pump, pulleys and belt for your dry sump engine. Set contains: Aluminum sump pump with pulley Aluminum engine pulley Rubber belt Mounting brackets for this pump can be found here. A total of 3 pieces in aluminum...

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  • Brake Rotors & Hats 1/25

    Brake Rotors & Hats 1/25

    Photoetched front and rear Brake Rotors and resin hubs. The front rotors are 11" and the rear rotors are 13". Four resin hubs/hats are included. Also, see the Brake Calipers by Dirt Modeler. Phto etched and resin parts by Machined Aluminum...

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  • Serpentine Pulley Set 1/25

    Serpentine Pulley Set 1/25

    This pulley set has all the pulleys you'll need to complete that serpentine system. Set contains these pulleys:1 Crank Pulley1 Water pump pulley2 Idler pulleys1 Alternator pulley1 Power steering pulley   Use Chart-Pak or other material for the...

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  •  Pro Stock 4-Wheel Set 1/25

    Pro Stock 4-Wheel Set 1/25

    Machined aluminum rims and photo etched centers are combined to make fantastic wheels. These rims will work with all Futurattraction tires and any Pro Street tire combination from Revell, Monogram or AMT. Use the backing plates supplied with your model...

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