Machined Aluminum Specialties


  • Nitrous Bottle Set 1/25

    Nitrous Bottle Set 1/25

    Machined aluminum NOS bottles and solenoids will add realism to your nitrous engine. A two-bittle photo etched tank mounting kit is also available. Set contains: 2 Bottles 4 Solenoids   By Machined Aluminum Specialties.  1/25...

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  • Hood Pin Kit 1/25

    Hood Pin Kit 1/25

    A realistic looking hood pin set.  Enough for several cars. Contains 18 plates and pins plus wire for the pin lanyards. For the stud that protrudes through the plate, use a .030" Evergreen rod (#210) and drill a hole at the tip for the pin...

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  • Brake Rotors 1/25

    Brake Rotors 1/25

    Photoetched 12" Diameter Brake Rotor kit to help detail those wheels. Also, see the Brake Calipers by MAS. Phto etched parts by Machined Aluminum specialities. 1/25 scale.

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  • Dry Sump Oil Pump 1/25

    Dry Sump Oil Pump 1/25

    A machined aluminumn oil sump pump, pulleys and belt for your dry sump engine. Set contains: Aluminum sump pump with pulley Aluminum engine pulley Rubber belt Mounting brackets for this pump can be found here. A total of 3 pieces in aluminum...

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  • Brake Rotors & Hats 1/25

    Brake Rotors & Hats 1/25

    Photoetched front and rear Brake Rotors and resin hubs. The front rotors are 11" and the rear rotors are 13". Four resin hubs/hats are included. Also, see the Brake Calipers by Dirt Modeler. Phto etched and resin parts by Machined Aluminum...

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  • Serpentine Pulley Set 1/25

    Serpentine Pulley Set 1/25

    This pulley set has all the pulleys you'll need to complete that serpentine system. Set contains these pulleys:1 Crank Pulley1 Water pump pulley2 Idler pulleys1 Alternator pulley1 Power steering pulley   Use Chart-Pak or other material for the...

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