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Detailing Items

  • Two 4" strips Example of painted weld beads on a 1/16 Pro Mod by Andy Chew

    Weld Beads 3D 1/12

    Weld beads in 3D by Archer Surface Details. These represent perfect-weld beads and not the handheld arc weld type. Use them wherever welds would be found, like: headers, intake manifolds/air boxes, frames, roll bars and the list goes on. These aren't...

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  • Aluminum RED Hard Line - Various Sizes

    This soft red aluminum line is available in multiple sizes for different uses.  The color has an anodized look to it with a satin shine. It is very soft and will bend easily without kinking.  It can also be straightened out and is firm enough...

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  • Small Detailing Wire

    Small Detailing Wire

    Small gauge detailing wire for ignition items, lights, gauges and other smaller electrical loads. Available in Black, Blue and Yellow. One package contains 3' x .007" diameter wire. Specify color.

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  • Soft Line - Hose .234", 6mm OD x .110, 2.8mm ID

    This is a large, soft, rubber tubing (hollow) that is easily configured to the space you have. It's able to bend at a sharp angle without kinking or folding.I do not have Hex Fittings for this soft line.This soft line equals the following equivalent 1:1...

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  • Nut & Bolt Set, Photo Etched

    Photo Etched bolt and nut flat heads,  Nut features a protruding bolt. Offered in 3 sizes to fit your needs. The dimension is measured across the flats.Mounted on a soft back so no cutting of parts is necessary (means less lost parts)  ...

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  • Detailing Wire

    Detailing Wire

    Very small wire to be used for ignition wiring, computer connections, gauges, etc.Available in the following colors:BlackRedBlueYellowOne package of wire .007" x 3', by Pro Tech.

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