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  • Smoke 'Black Wash' Paint by Tamiya

    This is a great way to get a 'used' or 'weatherd' look to engines, wheels, grilles or any other part of a car.  It can also be used to tint windows. Scale Auto magazine (April 2015) featured an article on giving an aged look to mag wheels using...

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  • Reference photo only Reference photo only

    ALCLAD II Paint

    I find ALCLAD to be the best airbrush paint to simulate metal. Two things you HAVE to do to get good results: (see the videos below) Start with the brightest gloss BLACK paint you can find.  I suggest ALCLAD's gloss black paint. Spray fairly close...

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  • Fluorescent Yellow Paint

    Color matched, airbrush-ready lacquer paint which does not have to be thinned. This is a solid color.  Not a metallic or pearlescent color and has no sparkle effects.     It is highly suggested to use a primer to seal the plastic and...

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