Rat Rod

  • Red-Stripe sidewall Wide White sidewall

    'Pie Crust' Slicks 1/25

    A pair of Pie Crust slicks in various sidewall configurations for your early dragster or show car. Select from a black, wide-white, narrow-white or red-stripe sidewalls.  The black sidewall and narrow-white sidewall slicks have RACEMASTER DRAGSTER...

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  • Street Rod Gauges Set #1, Black 1/25

    Street Rod Gauges Set #1, Black 1/25

    Enough photoetched trims and BLACK gauge faces for four cars. This will add detail to your interior.These gauges are popular in '30 - '34 Street Rods and Roadsters with flat dash boards. They are typically mounted in the center of the dash or over...

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  • 392 HEMI Engine 1/25

    392 HEMI Engine 1/25

    A complete early style blown Chrysler HEMi engine complete with transmission. Kit Includes:    Block    Heads    Finned M/T style valve covers    Blower    Dual 4bbl...

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  • Photo Etch Interior Kit 1/25

    Photo Etch Interior Kit 1/25

    Photo etched modern style interior details. Includes: Door Handles Pedals Radio Faces Ignition Keys Straps Speaker Oval Trim Rings And more Although this set is called street rod details, it can be utilized for any custom or modern interior...

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  • Dice 1/25 Dice 1/25

    Dice 1/25

    A pair of dice hanging from your rear view mirror. Perfect for retro-rods, custom, hot rods and rat rods. Available in red or white dice with black dots.   Ken's Kustom Kar Supply, 1/25 scale

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  • Flathead Finned Oil Filter 1/25

    Flathead Finned Oil Filter 1/25

    An external machined aluminum finned oil filter for a Flathead Ford engine. Included are vinyl and aluminum lines for the inlet and outlet plumbing of the filter. A diagram and directions are printed on the back of the header card. Here is an accessory...

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  • Interior Detail 1/24-1/25

    Interior Detail 1/24-1/25

    A set of photo etched interior components. Set includes window cranks, door cranks, mirrors and more. They can be painted  or left bare for that billet aluminum or chrome look.   By Detail Master, 1/25 scale.    

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  • Baby Moon Hubcaps 2 1/25

    Baby Moon Hubcaps 2 1/25

    A set of four polished aluminum baby moon hubcaps. They would look great chrome reversed wheels by Pegasus. This is made of solid aluminum and is not hollow on the back. You may have to route out the back so it would seat over your wheel detail, like...

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