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  • Front Strut Suspension Kit 1/25

    Here is a complete front strut kit, with all of the parts needed for a detailed front suspension. This is a static suspension and not functional. Kit includes (28 pieces): 3D-printed strut bodies/spindles (resin pieces shown in photo) Aluminum tube...

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  • Soft Line - Hose .059", 1.5mm OD Dia.

    This a soft rubber tubing that is easily configured to the space you have. It's able to bend at a sharp angle without kinking.See Hex Fittings sized at .060 for this soft line.This soft line equals the following equivalent 1:1 size at each scale.1/25...

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  • Brake, Nitrous or Fuel Line .010, .25mm Dia

    This solid aluminum line is the smallest available.  It's soft to bend and will not kink, even at tight angles. It straightens out easily and will conform to any shape you want.This aluminum 'hard' line equals the following equivalent 1:1 size at...

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  • Hex Braided Line Fittings .080

    These hex fittings are compatible with the .080 diameter Braided Line and .078 aluminum hard line.   Make your own AN fittings using Pro Tech's aluminum Hex Fittings.For a realistic anodized appearance on these aluminum fitting, use Duplicolor...

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  • Distributor, Pre-Wired, Red Cap 1/25

    Throw away that unrealistic kit distributor.  This will add more detail to your engine. Pre-wired with your color choice of spark plug wires. Contains Red Distributor Cap with wires.  Choose your spark plug wire color above. Drive Spark...

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  • Completed piece for reference only.

    Distributor Kit 1/16

    Resin distributor, shaft and boot material. The cap has 'starter' holes to drill out and insert the spark plug boot which is cut from the included material. Refer to the photo showing a completed distributor. Assembly and painting are not included...

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  • Screen - Radiator, Air Filter, etc, Fine

    This mesh screen is for smaller items or a smaller scale. Use this for a grille, air cleaner filter, offroad headlight protector. turbo charger or other air inlet screen and many more.   A Fine Screen is used here as an air cleaner filter.  ...

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  • Oil Filters 1/25

    Oill filters made of cast metal.This is a standalone filter. If you need a dual remote oil filter, see Pro Tech's product listed elsewhere here. Each package contains 8 metal cast pieces, by Pro Tech.

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  • Dzus Fasteners 1/25

    These quarter-turn Dzus fasteners are used primarily to hold down body sections.They're individually mounted on a soft rubber backing, so no cutting is required (and no lost parts).There are enough fasteners here for a couple of cars.One set metal-cast,...

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  • Coil Spring .250" x .125" (pair) 1/25

    These springs are used on Fururattraction's Front Strut end kits, but can be used in any suspension system that requires the dimensions below. The ends are ground flat.    Total height is .250" Outside diameter is .125" Wire diameter is ...

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