1/16 Scale

  • Dual Remote Oil Filter 1/16

    Each package contains 1 adapter and 2 oil filters.   See the Braided Lines and Fittings to complete the plumbing of the oil lines. Adapter is metal cast and can be polished.  Filters are machined aluminum   

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  • Aluminum Gas Cap 1/16

    Excellent detail for your race car fuel cell, hot rod Moon tank and other tanks like an oil tank on a Funny Car, Pro Mod or Dragster.Can also be used for a radiator cap, engine oil breather cap or other instance where a filler neck is required. Diameter...

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  • Hand Brake Levers for for PM or TF 1/16

    A set of Hand Brake Levers for your Dragster or Funny Car.  Adds realism and detail to your build. Contains two brake levers with additional hand grips. Place a small piece of styrene between the lever grip and added grip for thickness. Photo...

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  • Round Fender Exhaust Bezels Pro Mod, etc 1/16

    These bezels are designed to replicate the bezels used on modern Pro Mod and other cars where the exhaust exits the fender well, just behind the front wheel. The inside diameter is .25". These are round, but oval bezels are also available for an angled...

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  • Barry Grant DEMON 4bbl Carburetor 1/16

    Barry Grant DEMON 4bbl Carburetor 1/16

    Detailed Barry Grant 4bbl CarburetorWith single or dual carbs, you'll need Pro Tech's 1/16 scale Fuel Junction Block.Also see the Braided Lines, Hard Lines, Soft Lines and Fittings along with the T fitting to split the fuel line to each carb. One...

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  • Wheelie Bar Housing Kit 1/16

    Here is a Wheelie bar wheel housing kit designed for today's PM, FC, ADRL, SS, and others. Includes PE wheel housing and PE and resin wheels which must be assembled. Fabrication required. Does not include mounting hardware.   Assembly and...

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  • Lenco Shifter Lever Set 1/16

    You need a set of these Lenco shifters for your Pro Mod or other drag car.  Adds realism and detail to your build. Contains set of levers and will work with the TDR or Flash Point Lenco transmissions. Make sure you click on the photo, to enlarge...

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    Twin 2 1/2" Turbo Charger Set with Headers 1/16

    This twin turbo charger set will fit on a HEMI or BBC engine and it will save you time and money. NOTE: For 1/18 scale, this turbo is closer to 3". A complete set of headers piped to two 2 1/2" turbo chargers including waste gates. As shown in the...

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