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  • Micro Sol, Setting Solution

    Microscale's Micro-Sol is a decal "setting" solution for the most difficult irregular surfaces to be found on models. It allows the decal to drape down onto the surface of the model, conforming perfectly to surface irregularities without distortion...

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  • Micro Set, Setting Solution

    Microscale's Micro-Set is a decal "setting" solution that softens decals and improves adhesion plus lets the decal conform to the model's surface. To apply Micro Set: Use a soft flat artist's brush and apply Micro Set where you are going to apply the...

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  • Louvers 3D 1/16 - 1/18

    Louvers in 3D by Archer Surface Details. This is what you need for that Salt Lake racer, hot rod or wherever you need to ventilate air. These aren't decals.  They're 3D raised resin louvers that are cast onto Microscale clear decal film. ...

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  • Two 4" strips Example of painted weld beads on a 1/16 Pro Mod by Andy Chew

    Weld Beads 3D 1/16

    Weld beads in 3D by Archer Surface Details in two types of beads - Perfect and Arc. Use them wherever welds would be found, like: headers, intake manifolds/air boxes, frames, roll bars and the list goes on. The perfect-weld beads are machine generated...

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  • Drag Racing Goody Decal Sheet 1/16

    1/16 scale Drag Racing GOODY decal sheet. Includes many sponsors' and manufacturers' names. Nitrous labels, bellhousing logos, fire bottle labels, MSD logos, NHRA & IHRA decals, blower belt and valve cover decals plus lots more.New from SLIXX Decals...

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