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Drive Train & Chassis

  • Brake Kit - Rear .126" Rotor ID 1/25

    This is the same rear end brake set as Futurattraction's FA-C-ROT-DR2R, except this rotor has a larger .126" ID hole. This allows for the hubs and rotors to slide over Futurattraction's axle housing and gives more gluing surface where they are adjacent...

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  • Drag Special Front Tires 1/25

    A narrow front drag tire with really nice tread detail. Will fit the Revell/Monogram style drag front wheels. This tire is similar to Futurattraction's Front Runner tire, except this one is narrower in overall width and tread width. Dimensions: OD -...

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  • Rear End Carrier Section

    Rear End Carrier Section

    Here is carrier or 'pumpkin' section for a Fabricated rear, street rod rear or 9" rear end. Add a little more detail to that kit rear end by substituting the carrier with this one.   One resin part, by Futurattraction, 1/25 scale.

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  • Wheelie Bar-Single & Black Wheel Assembly 1/24

    Wheelie Bar-Single & Black Wheel Assembly 1/24

    Here is a realistic looking, ready-to-install, single wheelie bar assembly. Made of aluminum and stainless steel and features Futrattraction's wheelie bar bracket and RB Motion rod ends, bolts, washers and nuts. Includes additional rod ends and bolts...

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  • Megaphone Exhaust Tips ,1/25

    A pair of aluminum exhaust tips with an angled flared end. This is hollow and looks realistic. Dimensions: Inlet Diameter: 1/8" Outlet Diameter: 3/16" (flared end) For 2-1/2" exhaust pipes to match, use .112 aluminum hard line. This is almost the...

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  • Strange Ultra Rear End  & Brake Kit 1/25

    Strange Ultra Rear End & Brake Kit 1/25

    This all-in-one, super detailed, rear end kit is a scale replica of Strange's modular rear end. Includes rear end, rotors, calipers and 4-link brackets. This particular rear is very popular in Pro Stock and Pro Mod. Here is a photo of the real thing...

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  • Aluminum Wheel Spindle Front Strut Kit 1/25

    This strut front end kit is similar to the original Strut kit, but incorporates a modified spindle to accommodate the .094" ID of the spindle cap/boss used on Futurattraction aluminum front wheels with photo etch centers, along with revised...

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  • Ladder Bar Set 1/25

    Ladder bars were a popular means of improving traction on early pro stock cars, as well as more modern bracket and class cars. This ladder bar set has everything you need   It includes all hardware, pre-cut formed-wire rod ends, RB Motion nut...

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  • Shown Assembled Parts Included

    Rectangular Frame Rails 1/24-1/25

    This rear frame rail replicates a mandrel bent rectangular in a 2"x 3" size. Dimensions: Rails are .125" x .080" Cross members are 060" diameter Total length is 2.6"   The rails are 3D printed in Shapeways' Frosted Ultimate Detail ...

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