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Drive Train & Chassis

  • Hand Brake Levers for for PM or TF 1/16

    A set of Hand Brake Levers for your Dragster or Funny Car.  Adds realism and detail to your build. Contains two brake levers with additional hand grips. Place a small piece of styrene between the lever grip and added grip for thickness. Photo...

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  • Bellhousing-Racing 7-1/2" Deep (No Starter) 1/16

    Bellhousing-Racing 7-1/2" Deep (No Starter) 1/16

    This bellhousing fits both of TDR's BBC and SBC engines as well as other engines that don't have a starter at the flywheel.  Depending which engine you're mounting this on, you may have to make a thin plate to fit between the engine block and...

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  • Brake or Fuel Line .016", .4mm Dia

      This hard line equals the following equivalent 1:1 size at each scale. 1/25 scale = 3/8"1/16 scale = 1/4"1/12 scale = 3/16"1/8 scale  =  1/8" Depending on your scale, typical uses are injector lines from distribution blocks into a...

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  • Fuel or Brake Hard Line .020, .52mm Dia

    This solid aluminum line is soft to bend and will not kink, even at tight angles. It straightens out easily and will conform to any shape you want.This aluminum 'hard' line equals the following equivalent 1:1 size at each scale.1/25 scale = 1/2"1/16...

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  • Dirt Suspension Mount Kit, Brass 1/16

    There are enough parts included for two cars. Kit includes:2 Rear 4-Link Mounts5 Rear Shock Mounts3 Upper Front Shock Mounts2 6th Coil Mounts4 Lower front shock Mounts4 Lift Bar linkage Mounts8 Shifter Linkage Mounts The photo below is a work-in-progress...

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  • 4-Link Suspension Mount Kit, Brass 1/16

    There are enough parts included for two cars. Includes 4-link mounts for the chassis and rear end as well as other mounts. The photos below are a work-in-progress by Clay Kemp. It shows the use of brass pieces from this set and pieces from the Drag...

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  • Tee Fitting, Large

    This is a large inline fitting for braided lines, hard lines or hoses.  Anywhere you have a split.Typical uses are dual feed carburetors, tunnel ram, oil lines and brake lines.Use Pro Tech .035 Braided Line and matching Fittings. Each package...

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  • Rod Ends/Link/Heim Kit 1/16

    Cast metal parts for your suspension or throttle linkage detail.  Can be used for heim joints/rod ends in suspension areas like a 4-link rear end, panard bar or front radius rods. Use in combination with Pro Tech's Throttle Linkage kit for a...

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  • Large Detailing Wire

    Large Detailing Wire

    Large gauge detailing wire for ignition items, batteries and other items that have large electrical loads. Available in Black, Red, Blue and Yellow. One package contains 3' x .018" diameter wire. Specify color.

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