Futurattraction 1/16 Scale




Tips for dealing with photo etch - removal from rubber backing:

Soak light-weight or fragile pieces in acetone until the part separates from the rubber backing.  For heavier parts that have no etch lines or thin edges where there is a likelihood of damage, you may be able to peel the rubber off before soaking in acetone.  It works best to fold the rubber back against itself as you peel it back to lessen the likelihood being parts.

  • Front Runner Tires - Soft Rubber 1/16

    Front Runner Tires - Soft Rubber 1/16

    DUE TO POPULA DEMAND, THESE WENT FAST, BUT THERE ARE MORE COMING ON A FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS Front drag tire patterned after Goodyear Frontrunner tires. These are made with a really soft rubber and the tread pattern is realistic. The tire tread...

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  • Pro Mod / FC Slicks 1/16

    Pro Mod / FC Slicks 1/16

    If you're looking for the biggest meat to stick under those wheel tubbs, you just found it.  These are the largest 1/16 slicks on the market. There are no raised letters on these slicks.  If you want Good Year, Hoosier or M/T names on the...

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  • Cockpit Interior Set, Funny Car, Top Fuel 1/16

    Here is a pair of butterfly steering wheels for your Funny Car or Top Fuel racer. Enough for two cars. Includes grips for the handles plus four (4) small levers that can be used for a parachute release or other. NOTE: The steering wheel is made so that...

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  • Pedal Set for FC, PM or Door Slammer 1/16

    You need a set of these pedels to complete that racing interior and sdd realism and detail to your build.   Contains one each: Accelerator pedal Brake pedal Clutch pedal Pedal foot pads Make sure you click on the photo, to enlarge...

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  • Hand Brake Levers for for PM or TF 1/16

    A set of Hand Brake Levers for your Dragster or Funny Car.  Adds realism and detail to your build. Contains two brake levers with additional hand grips. Place a small piece of styrene between the lever grip and added grip for thickness. Photo...

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  • Round Fender Exhaust Bezels Pro Mod, etc 1/16

    These bezels are designed to replicate the bezels used on modern Pro Mod and other cars where the exhaust exits the fender well, just behind the front wheel. The inside diameter is .25". These are round, but oval bezels are also available for an angled...

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  • Wheelie Bar Housing Kit 1/16

    Here is a Wheelie bar wheel housing kit designed for today's PM, FC, ADRL, SS, and others. Includes PE wheel housing and PE and resin wheels which must be assembled. Fabrication required. Does not include mounting hardware.   Assembly and...

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  • Lenco Shifter Lever Set 1/16

    You need a set of these Lenco shifters for your Pro Mod or other drag car.  Adds realism and detail to your build. Contains set of levers and will work with the TDR or Flash Point Lenco transmissions. Make sure you click on the photo, to enlarge...

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  • Steering Wheel 1/16

    Sport Steering Wheel kit. The wheel grip is mastered in 3D and will be sold as either 3D printed or resin, depending on availability. Three-spoke wheel center is photo etched and replicates Grant Performance #673.   Photo of real Grant 673...

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