SBC Engine

  • Muncie 4-Speed Transmission 1/16

    Muncie 4-Speed Transmission 1/16

    Here's a 4-speed Muncie transmission to go with that Chevy engine. A highly detailed transmission with a separate side cover plate and tail section.This is ready for bolt detailing using my resin hex bolt heads. The correct size for 5/8" bolt heads would...

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  • Block Hugger Headers SBC 1/16

    Block Hugger Headers SBC 1/16

    While these header are made by TDR and will fit their SBC engine, they can be used on other small block Chevy engines. Block Hugger headers will route close to the block to fit inside a frame.  In rear life, I've seen these turned upside down...

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  • Real World Crank Trigger

    Small Block Engine Crank Trigger 1/16

    Here is a Crank Trigger kit, for a small block engine and especially for the small block Chevy. Includes crank trigger wheel, sensor mount and adjustable sensor mounting bracket. A crank triggered ignition system can make more horsepower than a...

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