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  • Fuel or Brake Hard Line .020, .52mm Dia

    This solid aluminum line is soft to bend and will not kink, even at tight angles. It straightens out easily and will conform to any shape you want.This aluminum 'hard' line equals the following equivalent 1:1 size at each scale.1/25 scale = 1/2"1/16...

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  • Wheelie Bar Housing Kit 1/25

    Here is a Wheelie bar wheel housing kit designed for today's PM, FC, ADRL, SS, and others. Includes PE wheel housing and PE wheels which must be assembled. The photo shows photo etched wheels.  A new photo will be added soon. Use .040" diameter tube...

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  • Shown with Pegasus wheels as an example.  Wheels are not included.

    Drag Slicks,16x33x16 1/25

    These Drag Slicks equal a scale 16x33-16 tire.  This is representative of a current Pro Stock drag slick. To determine if these will fit your needs, here are the actual dimensions:Overall Width = .83"Diameter = 1.40"Tread Width = .66"Wheel Opening =...

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  • Real World Crank Trigger

    Big Block Engine, Crank Trigger 1/25

    Includes crank trigger wheel, sensor mount and adjustable sensor mounting bracket. A crank triggered ignition system can make more horsepower than a distributor triggered system. A crank triggered system can often make more power and produce more...

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  • Drag Slicks, 14x32x15 1/25

    These Drag Slicks equal a scale 14x32-15 tire.  The tread width equals 14" and the overall width, with sidewalls equals 18". To determine if these will fit your needs, here are the actual dimension:Width = .75"Diameter = 1.31"Wheel Opening =.63"...

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  • Two 4" strips Example of painted weld beads on a 1/16 Pro Mod by Andy Chew

    Weld Beads 3D 1/25 - 1/24

    Weld beads in 3D by Archer Surface Details in two types of beads - Perfect and Arc. Use them wherever welds would be found, like: headers, intake manifolds/air boxes, frames, roll bars and the list goes on. The perfect-weld beads are machine generated...

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  • Hex Braided Line Fittings .060

    These hex fittings are compatible with the .060 diameter Braided Line and .065 aluminum hard line. Make your own AN fittings using Pro Tech's aluminum Hex Fittings.For a realistic anodized appearance on these aluminum fitting, use Duplicolor Anodized...

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  • Spark Plug Wire Looms, Photoetched 1/25

    These wire looms will keep your spark plug wires separated. This will give you an organized look and it makes it easier to form your wires where you want them.  Used on all drag cars or street vehicles.There are enough wire looms here for many cars...

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