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  • Nitrous Oxide NOS Decals, 1/25

    Two sizes of NOS decals for added realism. Contains one main NOS logo/label and one Warning label. Choose from: Small  .24" x .32",  6 x 8mm Large  .32" x .39",  8 x 10mm         Photo of actual NOS bottle  ...

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  • Electronics Box Set 1/25

    Electronics Box Set 1/25

    A set of four electronics boxes for your ignition system. Plus two of each manufacturer's logo decals and a pair of Edelbrock body/window decals. Set contains: 1 MSD Digital 7531 Box 1 Edelbrock Progressive NOS Controller 1 Bigstuff Pro SEFI...

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  • Engine Decal Sheet 1, 1/25

    Racing engine parts manufacturers' logos. Use these as sponsor decals on your racing machine or under the hood of your street machine.   Includes two each: Callahan (2) Hedman Jesel - large Jesel - small Moroso - black &...

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  • Sonny's 932 BB Cast Ram Engine 1/25

    Sonny's 932 BB Cast Ram Engine 1/25

    A complete Sonny's Big Block 932 cubic inch Ram Air engine with decal sheet. Kit Includes: Sonny's 932 Block Heads Valve covers Tunnel Ram Components Aiirbox with Throttle Body Oil Pan Timing cover/motor mounting plate Electric Water...

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  • Racing Seats & Shocks Decal Sheet, 1/25

    Racing manufacturers' logos. Includes one each: Recarro - three different images Kirkey Corbeau Koni - two different images MCD Racing  Logos are are printed as one image on decal paper and must be cut individually. One decal sheet, by VCG Resins,...

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  • BBC Heads & Bowtie  Valve Covers 1/25

    BBC Heads & Bowtie Valve Covers 1/25

    A pair of big Pro Mod heads with valve covers. These will fit on a HEMI also Turn your kit-supplied street BBC engine into a Pro Mod engine. The valve covers have the Chevy Bowtie emblem on them. Apply a thin coat of paint so as not to cover the emblem...

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  • 572 Valve Covers 1/25

    A pair of lower profile valve covers for a Chevy 572 or other engine. A port for a breather cap is molded in.  Check this one out  by VCG Resins.   One pair of valve covers, resin, by VCG Resins, 1/25 scale.      

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